A Day in the Life of a… ‘James Street’ Kid


I am excited as my mummy drives me to my preschool, we soon park the car and mummy opens my door. I can see my friends waiting for me at the kai table window saying “she’s here, come quick, look, see”. I can’t help myself as I run to the gate, mum allows me run past her, and I rush into the cuddles and hugs of my friends who are always waiting to welcome me. I say hello to Nicole who is the best cook ever…apart from mum of course. Kylie always has a smile on her face, she’s a very important teacher here at my preschool and all my other teachers ‘respect her’ and think she’s cool, I think she’s cool too and she always hugs me.

After I hang my bag up on my hook I walk down the hallway, as I walk I can see one of my paintings on the wall which I did yesterday. My mum likes to read the stories that the teachers stick on the walls supporting the awesome creations, milestones and learning I am doing. I walk outside with my mum and I see two more of my teachers who give me a hug and say ‘good morning to me’ I feel so happy to be here at my preschool… I feel safe. Before I join my friends on the tyre swing, I say “bye” to my mum…I will see her later on as she has to work in an office…this is my place of work here at my preschool. “Okay I’m coming, wait for me” I shout as I run down the steps to the swing. I love the tyre swing as it makes the wind fly through my hair and if I close my eyes as I swing, it feels like I’m flying in the sky.

Awesome, Fletcher is standing on the deck shaking the tambourine which means it’s ‘Whānau time’ I like to try and beat everyone inside so I can be the first to sit on the mat and my friends can sit next to me. Now it’s time for our welcome song ‘Kia ora Talofa’ I love it when they say “it’s nice to see ___here” as it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside my tummy, I am still trying to pat my legs and clap my hands in time with my teacher but I will learn this with practice.

Now it’s time for kai, there is always a queue in the bathroom to wash our hands but that’s because my teachers have to make sure we wash our hands before we eat, I don’t mind waiting as I like to turn the hand dryer on and off by waving my hand underneath and making paper towels blow across the floor!

Awesome now I have washed my hands we can eat kai at the table “mmmm, strawberry yoghurt and ricies, delicious” but we have to do ‘Whakapai’ first our karakia to give thanks for our food. I like it when my teacher chooses me to stand up and lead our karakia as I feel really proud when I sing it and the rest of my friends copy me…very proud.

Now it’s time for me to play outside again, I think I might climb up our awesome tractor tyre or maybe I will hang upside down from the climbing frame or maybe play in the sandpit or maybe paint a picture at the easel or join in with music time or try a ‘tuck bomb’ on the ‘zoom slide’ or play in our art room or help to make some playdough or read a book on the sofa on the deck. No I think I will climb the Feijoa tree so I can look down at my amazing preschool for a while.

I am glad my mummy and daddy chose The James Street Preschool and Nursery for me, I love all of my teachers as they make me smile and laugh, they dry my tears if I fall over and hurt myself, they give me cuddles if I ask for one and most important of all…

‘They love me for who I am’.