1 Teacher to 8 children
WINZ Subs & 20 hrs ECE for 3-5 yr olds
7.30am to 5.30pm
Provides meals
Seperate under 2's area
2-6 yrs together

Lindisfarne Nursery School

Lindisfarne opened in 1987 with the aim of providing parents and families with a nursery school which respects their individual needs and aspirations. We provide full time, part time and casual enrolment opportunities for your child, so that you can organise a schedule which suits your requirements.

The teachers provide learning experiences tailored to individual children’s needs and interests, and the programme promotes independent thinking and skill development. Our aim is to have happy, settled, confident children, who enjoy an environment which fosters a love of learning, a respect for all people, and a sense of confidence and self worth.

We are proud of our multi-national community and the opportunities this provides for both teachers and children. Parents and families are encouraged to share their history, culture and language with us, and individual differences are respected and valued. The range of nationalities represented at Lindisfarne encourages the children to develop an understanding and respect for others which we feel is a valuable part of their learning journey.

Contact Lindisfarne Nursery School

Christchurch Central

375 Worcester Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: 03 389 2483

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