1 Teacher to 4 children
7.30am to 5.30pm
Packed Lunches
Babies (under 2's)

Ready Steady Babies

Having four areas enables educators to plan a programme and provide environments for each room that best suit the children’s needs, skills, abilities, interests, characteristics and strengths. This is one of the most beneficial features of the centre and promotes the high quality learning outcomes we strive to achieve for the children.

The philosophy in the nursery and toddler areas focuses on nurture and respect which have been inspired by the RIE Educaring approach. In the older children’s rooms, the philosophy focuses on play and exploration. The differences are due to the developing needs of the children as they grow. In both philosophies the top priority is the children, their families and the relationships we have with them.

Our “Overall Learning Priorities for Children” are: Social Competency, Self as Learner, Independence, Risk-Taking, Natural Environment, and Play. Working alongside, are each “Room’s Individual Learning Guidelines” (These guidelines and the centre’s “Overall Learning Priorities” can be viewed on our website.)

Relationships are at the centre of our curriculum. Warm, caring, responsive interactions with children, ensure that they feel safe and secure within our environment, therefore able to explore, learn, and develop. Ready Steady Play has a strong culture of working in partnership with whänau, to support families, and to work together with them to help children reach their full potential. This enhances children’s and families’ sense of belonging.

Our vision statement mentions the value of the ‘innocence of children’, meaning that we respect, value, and celebrate children for who they are, including their cultural background, and the funds of knowledge they bring with them into the centre. Our aim is that children will grow confident in their identity as capable and competent learners, and in the notion that they will a valued member of the community.

What makes us special?
Each of the children’s environments has its’ own landscaped outdoor area and garden that invites exploration of the natural world, allowing the children experiences and opportunities to promote their own learning.

We are spoilt to have Clare Park on our doorstep! The ‘see through’ fence that opens out onto the park allows children to observe the wider world and its’ daily happenings. Easy access through the back gates opens us up to endless possibilities to explore the community. It allows the centre to provide ‘home like’ experiences where we can go out and about exploring in the local area in a very safe manner.

The local school is very close by and we take full advantage of this. Through the school there is a safe route to the native wetlands and one of the playgrounds we love to visit.

In all four rooms our preference is to use natural resources and materials, and we encourage open ended play experiences. This approach allows the children to fully involve themselves creatively and imaginatively. There is no objective in mind, only their own. One of the references in our philosophy is, we encourage the children HOW to think, not WHAT to think, and using open ended play experiences promotes this.

Our outside climbing equipment is also ‘open ended’, whereby educators can change the physical challenges provided, alongside the needs of the children. We don’t believe in fixed equipment, but rather offer many various ways for the children to explore their physicality.

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