Kia Ora Parents!

If you have found us, it’s likely you are looking for care for your little one. It’s an emotional time, we know… we are parents. Its stressful, there is alot to think about and there are ALOT of options out there. We are here to simplify the process for you!

Here is the lowdown on how to use our search tool:

Decide on the approximate LOCATION of the childcare service you are after.

Do you want your child to be close to home, or close to work? Here you can select more than one suburb at a time. Think of the logistics of pick up and drop off times. If pick up is 5.30 and you work across town – can you realistically make it on time in peak traffic? These are the things you need to think about, because often childcare services do charge late fees, and usually they are charged per minute.

On our search page you can start by selecting the city /district you are in, and then the suburb /or multiple suburbs you are interested in.

At this point you can either: Press the ‘Start your search’ button to show you EVERY service available in the location you have selected


You can refine your search further by selecting the type of childcare you have decided on. In the ‘childcare type’ search bar, we have various categories for instance; services that provide care for babies, home-based services, centre-based services with a particular philosophy like – Montessori, performing arts or religious /cultural focus.

You will notice we have broken down childcare options into two main sub categories: Teacher-led and Parent-led childcare.

How involved in the care of your child can you be? If you are a parent who is in full time work, the ‘teacher led’ category is the one you will be after. If you have a bit of time during the week to spend with your wee one, the type of care you will be interested in is under the ‘parent led’ category. We list playgroups, storytimes, tumbletimes and bubbletimes options here too.

Once you have selected your criteria on our search page, press ‘Start your search’ and our tool will list every type of childcare available to you according to your criteria. Have a play around with the various different bars, explore all the options that are available to you.

We are here to help you find childcare options that suit the needs of your child and your family.