Our TOP TIPS for choosing childcare

See for yourself!

If you have been recommended a service, thats great! Choosing a childcare service is such a personal thing, so be careful not to let another parents opinion of a service sway your decision. Different families value different things and also have different expectations of what a service should provide. For instance; some parents want a service that has a strong preparation for school focus, whereas other parents see opportunities for free play and exploration more valuable for learning. Go in, spend some time and see for yourself if the service suits YOUR family values.

Keep your child in the forefront of your mind

Does the service suit the needs of YOUR child? Is it an environment they would they thrive in? The needs of your child come first. A quality childcare service should respect children as individuals; it should celebrate your child’s strengths and nurture and guide your child through difficulties. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t exists in early childhood. Maybe the service you ultimately choose isn’t the one that is in the most convenient location, or isn’t the one your neighbour recommended. In the end it has to be the one that is perfect for your child.